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Woodland Hills >> A Fiery Explosion at a house caused Arson investigators to call it a crime scene

Woodland Hills  | A fiery explosion was allegedly caused by Marijuana honey oil, THC lab | Criminal Investigation Pending

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Woodland Hills Possible Drug Lab after a Marijuana oil Fiery Explosion

Fire trucks line the back streets behind Topanga Canyon Blvd on N. Don Pio Dr after a emergency 911 call came from one of the locals.

 An explosion was reported to 911 operators at 7;23 pm Saturday October 28 by a neighbor of the location inferno. 

Flames crawled up the walls of the side gate separating the two properties in this residential neighborhood with mostly medium sized modern remodeled homes built in the 1960s. 

Los Angeles Firefighters arrived on a single-family dwelling to find all occupants had escaped the flames. Flames were all along the north side of the structure and extended to the guesthouse’s attic. Firefighters stung large fire hoses across N. Don Pio Drive from fire hydrants and into the fire truck’s water blasts to recharge their reservoir tanks during the pumping of water from their fire engines into the structure fire and on the roof. 

Firefighters climbed the roof of the residence at 5306 N Don Pio Drive to battle the flames from above and cut holes into the roof to ventilate the smoke. 

Firefighters had found a room in the back guesthouse that showed positive for a Marijuana Growing and Manufacturing, in-house Drug Lab criminal investigation. 

It showed that the  Marijuana honey oil residues prove this may be a crime scene instead of accidental fire. 

Arson detectives were summons by Battalion Chief LAFD and a crime scene here at the location was being sealed off during the criminal investigation by Arson investigators. 

Photo (above) one of the homeowners named Aziz stands in handcuffs to the right side
holding his wallet, keys and cell phone while police wait to see if he will be under arrest for criminal drug lab manufacturing drugs at his Woodland Hills home here.

The crime scene is at 5306 N. Don Pio Dr. where Authorities are still pending a criminal investigation into the cause for this fire and why the Marijuana oil propane marijuana growing paraphilia were found on his property, is a mystery still until the police can find answers in this ongoing investigation which most likely invite the DEA into the investigation shortly.

The neighbors all claimed that this corner here is riddled with drug dealers, that the teens who sell the drugs in meth and oxycodone are normally high themselves. The dealers are said to be seen nightly standing at the corner of N. Don Pio Drive at the 5300 block and Avenue San Luis nightly. They claim that most of the teen males are in their teens but some are in their twenties, caucasian males, and another is Iranian. They said that at 10:pm on a Saturday night, they feed baggies of meth and weed to drivers who pull up to the curbs to get their (Fix). Some of them actually walk into their backyards to get a needle user hook-up, sources said.

Another street source told Baddboyfilms News (off the record) that "the homeless street people who live in the area share needles and they , some of them are said to claim they are HiV (Aids+) Positive but do not want people to find out or they assume they will be treated like they have the Koodies, so to speak".  

The transit men and women of the streets around Woodland Hills and West Hills, along with Warner Center and Canoga Park for the most part, know where the (Connection) is.

 "They get their meth from someone. This corner is popular amongst the teens of the street. The teens and the smaller children living on the streets get their drugs from this street".

 "So why did this fire start"?
 Some of the neighbors wanted to know ..."but were not at all surprised about HOW it started, because of all of the drug drive-ups and buy outs for the past two or three years now."
 ...."Why doesn't the police arrest them"? asked a local visitor. 

"They are always selling meth to the homeless! My children are growing up here! This whole corner needs the Police to investigate it"! 

"That corner house is behind all of the meth lab shit...everyone knows they cook it up each and every night"! ...commented a resident who wished their name not be quoted in this report. "the residents are all living in fear because all of these crazy bums leaking around my children and my next door neighbor has two teen boys who are always influenced into the drug scene by their neighbors kids from school. Taft High School".

 "It's riddled with alcohol parties and house drug parties on the weekends. Woodland Hills teens drinking age turns into 16 after midnight around here, This never happened when I was 16, some 40 years ago!" 
she told Baddboyfilms News in an undocumented live street interview. 

"All these teenagers do is drugs, drink and get high and SEX oh my god, they have so much sex that its illegal!They never tell us they are humping the neighbor's kids. But now drugs, sex and what... Justin Bieber"? 

"It used to be Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll, but I guess times have changed since the 60s when I was growing up in my teen years". 

Los Angeles Police Officers covered the address incase there would be any criminal arrests made from the house at 5306 N Don Pio Dr if the investigators decided they had a criminal cause into a prosecutable case under meth, drugs, Marijuana manufacturing labs, meth labs, or growing marijuana without proper permits. 

Topanga Police Department Officers were on scene, sent for a back-up unit to take a police report into the criminal investigation of possible Marijuana honey oil explosion being there center of the cause, though this possibility is still being investigated and has not been the final decision of the cause of the fire. 

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