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Woodland Hills - Fire exploded at a homemade Marijuana Extract lab | Raw Footage

A structure fire reported by L.A. firefighters to arson detectives as a possible drug related crime scene. 

Photo | Raw Footage CREDITS: Baddboyfilms News, Oct. 28, 2017 7:23pm Los Angeles, CA

Woodland Hills - Fire exploded at a homemade Marijuana Extract lab | Raw Footage 

The fire was located inside a single family residence in Woodland Hills south or Ventura Blvd. along Don Pio Drive. 

 An explosion was reported to 911 operators at 7:23 pm Saturday October 28, by a neighbor of the location. No injuries were reported and police stated that this was an ongoing investigation by lafd arson detectives.

Flames crawled up the walls of the side gate separating the two properties in this residential neighborhood with mostly medium sized modern remodeled homes built in the 1960s. 

From accounts of the neighbors and witnesses aftermath, we collaborated this account as to what exactly took place here tonight: 

Los Angeles Firefighters arrived on a single-family dwelling to find all occupants had escaped the flames. Flames were all along the north side of the structure and extended to the guesthouse’s attic. Firefighters strung large fire hoses across N. Don Pio Drive from fire hydrants and into the fire truck’s water blasts to recharge their reservoir tanks during the pumping of water from their fire engines into the structure fire and on the roof. 

The residence homeowners were present during the police and fire arson investigation as the investigators from both agencies scoured the scene for clues into the cause for the fire.
Inside, the firefighters discovered a honey oil base substance sitting in a pan burned on the stove top. The kitchen floor had over 25 cans of butane scattered around from the blast.

Apparently there was occupants who cooked up the honey oil and to speed up the process, they heated it over the stove to extract the pure wax shatter from the concentrates of the marijuana extracts.

The butane bubbles ignited and the oil exploded, scattering the resins all across the makeshift honey oil lab kitchen and the tweeker's whoever were cooking it and doing it wrong, were not found at the location upon arrival of the Los Angeles City Fire department who arrived just in time to save the house and their neighbors from completely gutting them both. 

Firefighters had found a room in the back guesthouse that showed positive for a Marijuana Growing and Manufacturing, in-house Drug Lab criminal investigation. 

It showed that the  Marijuana honey oil residues prove this may be a crime scene instead of accidental fire. 
Arson detectives were summons by Battalion Chief LAFD and a crime scene here at the location was being sealed off during the criminal investigation by Arson investigators. 

Topanga Police Department Officers were on scene, sent for a back-up unit to take a police report into the criminal investigation of possible Marijuana honey oil explosion being there center of the cause, though this possibility is still being investigated and has not been the final decision of the cause of the fire. 

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