Wednesday, September 20, 2017

West Hills a family's garage violently exploded shooting debris, bricks and 2x4s 150ft in the air

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A Family's garage exploded violently Wednesday afternoon shooting 2x4's 100 feet into the air. The cause is being investigated by Federal Government Officials of the United States. 

Photo: Blast site 7508 N. Sale ave West Hills, Ca. 91307 This is photos of the site 16 hours after it occurred. Credits: Baddboyfilms news | Tv news services Los Angeles, CA

More scenes from the Blast site
Baddboyfilms news video

Massive Explosion in West Hills blasting wood chips all over the block


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A 19 year old man was inhaling multiple canisters of Nitrous oxide while visiting the 
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April 20, 2017, Pensacola, FL, -- Today, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) released its final report into the August 28, 2016, nitrous oxide explosion at the Airgas manufacturing facility in Cantonment, Florida. The blast killed the only Airgas employee working at the facility that day and heavily damaged the plant, halting its manufacturing of nitrous oxide indefinitely.
The CSB investigation found that federal regulations require some chemical facilities that manufacture hazardous substances to have process safety management systems in place to protect their workforce and the public.  The CSB discovered...

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Jul 27, 2017

Justin Bieber is in trouble again, this time with a Blackie Dodge Ram 4x4 Diesel 

Truck where he is seen running over a pedestrian photographer as he is leaving 

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The blast occurred on the 7500 block of north sale avenue after 2:00pm Wednesday, Los Angeles Police arrived on scene to investigate to multiple 911 emergency calls for help through LAPD dispatch Topanga Police station summoned police officers to block the roads coming into the area. 

The next day, Thursday September 21, 2017 morning 10:00am the street out front was packed with news vans, trucks , the press and tv news camera live coverage rolling satellite to the Tv stations all over LA. Reporters were crawling the backyards gathering their news and recording briefs for live coverage as we gathered these images for our millions of viewer online. 

On scene of the house that blew up on Canoga Park Wednesday

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There was a loud sonic boom sound which shook an entire block on the 

A loud Explosion shook a West Hills neighborhood, Wednesday sending tons of building materials 100' into the air and the blast is still under investigation by U.S. government authorities. 

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   UPDATE: West Hills Explosion        

A West Hills neighbor hood get rocked like an earthquake when one of their neighbor’s homes on the 7500 block of North Sale Av partially explodes Wednesday shortly after lunch time.

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West Hills Garage Explosion LAPD says no criminal intent 7500 block n. sale av

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West Hills news LAPD says no Criminal intent at 7500 Block of Sale Ave House Garage Explosion