Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Westfield - Topanga Loss Prevention had Police Arrest a Man stealing Bad Films

Canoga Park Man Arrested this morning for stealing cheap DvD movies from Target. The suspect was arrested and jailed for suspicion of stealing under $500 of merchandise from Target.


Topanga Police arrested suspect who resisted arrest. 

May 29, 2018, (Tuesday), Target Westfield - Topanga News credits: Baddboyfilms News, Los Angeles

 Target reported a male suspected of shoplifting at the Vanowen St. garage location of the Westfield mall at Topanga this morning at 9:06am when the Target store opened for business. A man, in his 20s, to early 30s had entered the store wearing a black large backpack. 

Baddboyfilms News has the raw footage and it will be released soon. 

He walked and left the premises after being inside Target where he allegedly stole a backpack full of Dvd, Bad movies. 

Lapd Topanga Police were called on a 911 call from in store Westfield Mall security and the witnesses remained at the store till Police brought them to the scene where LAPD Officers had ID’ed their suspect inside the LA Metro bus Station at Canoga Ave. and Victory Orange line awaiting to board a bus. 

During the 911 call to police, Target store security and Loss Prevention had noted the suspect’s description as a male, 20s to 30s, black male , light brown skin toned, thin build, tall at 6’3” and wearing a red hat, tennis shoes and pants, carrying a black large backpack which contained the stolen articles. 

When police had rolled up into the orange line within the #164 Canoga LA Metro bus station in Canoga Park, one block from the Target store parking lot at Westfield - Topanga Village, across the street from the old Rocketdyne Prat & Whitney Rocket Engine base station at Canoga Ave. and Victory Blvd. 

 They discovered the suspect standing waiting for the bus. The Police pulled up on him, and the male black suspect became hostile towards police and resisted everything they asked him to do. The Police were professional in handling the suspect but when the police pressed the issue and asked if he was at Target store just a minute ago, he denied it. 

Then the suspect became angry, frustrated toward Police, began the scream, throw a temper tantrum and scream at the police in a gang related slogans attempt to make them assume he was gang related. The suspect became physically violent towards Officers,  screaming loudly, using phrases: "Cuz, What's up cuz, Homie, Nigga" F**K You Police, My Mom gonna sue you Bi*Tches if you touch me", and foul language as if he were lashing out to trigger a violent storm by Police because the suspect saw local news media on scene recoding this incident which created him to lash out against the police to get them to miss-trewat this situation but the Police handled the suspect professionally instead. They called for back up. 

The suspect was very concerned about the police searching his backpack without a proper search warrant signed by a judge. He refused the search and the pack was already open when Police grabbed it up to look inside. So it was legal. Bad Films. A whole backpack of bad films fell out on the grand as Police tipped it over, slipping the Dvd's then picking them up and laying them out on the bench to photo shoot into police evidence. 

 Then the suspect is seen on video. The police are being video recorded by the suspect from the suspect’s iPhone and the suspect threatens Police to back off him or else … that he is recording it, it is his right, he claimed. 

Police told the suspect they needed to place him into handcuffs but is not under arrest till they sort things out. 

You could hear the male suspect yelling “Without the BADD you are just a BOY” (???) from inside the back seat of the Lapd patrol car, parked inside the LA Metro bus station terminal Orange line #164 cross street of Canoga Av  as if he thought this was all a game to fame.

The manager of Target, and the Loss Prevention security arrived with police to Identify the suspect as the man who they believed stole their DVDs. 

Merchandise has been recovered from the suspect's backpack upon a search of the suspect's contents which were inside his backpack. The backpack appeared to be unzipped slightly showing contacts as Police were aware the pack was full and bulky looking when the suspect was standing there arguing with police and filming them in worry. 

The Los Angeles Police then made their arrest and the suspect was not happy , he threw a loud massive crying tantrum from the back of that Police car. It filled echo’s all through the station and other blacks hoarded around filming this event on their iPhones, iPods and Cameraphones to share. No one cared after the bystanders realized that the LAPD were just arresting a man that might of actually in fact stole those DVDs from Target Store. 

Witnesses said that this is the same suspect seen inside the Mc Donald’s Hamburger place on Erwin St. at Topanga Westfield for dinner on May 28, 2018 at 5:00 pm when he was wearing the same red hat and making trouble inside the location with customers, where he met with his friends to talk about stealing from stores, cars and shoplifting in Walmart like it is very easy to do. 

They sat and laughed then got up and left at 5:43 pm May 28, 2018 and the next day here he is, same suspect, is arrested on a investigation for allegedly stealing from Target store just two blocks away from the Mc Donald’s on Erwin St. at Topanga Cyn. Blvd. Apparently the suspect’s name was Identified as: Marcus C.

If suspect is convicted, he could face Level 2 prison time in State Prison. He will be sent to the station for fingerprinting and catch the chain to Men's Central Twin Towers L.A. County Jail Sheriff's Department in a week. Usually a criminal conviction brings 1 to 2 years for stealing bad films from a Target. 

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